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My name is Eileen and I am excited at choosing Bo’ness as the location to start the journey with Grow.

I have been in the hairdressing world since leaving school at 16, trained in city center salons in Edinbugh and then I made the decision to gain a colour specialist degree in 2006 and then I trained as a bridal makeup artist in London.

The concept of Grow: Everything grows from something.
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Why the name grow?
Our hair grows, nails, waist lines, our bodies grow from the tiny baby that we were when we came into the world, grow offers fun, sustainability and a way forward in life. Whether it is to merely have a blow dry to feel good, a restyle, colour, wedding guest or bride.

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New Salon Opened

  • Hairdressing
  • Vegan Hair Colour
  • Sustainable Beauty for your Hair
  • Wedding Packages available
  • Personal Development

30 East Pier Street, Boness, EH51 9AA (the old post office)

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01506 348092 07740678773

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